Victim Advocate

Abuse in any form should never be tolerated.  Victims of abuse have been awakened to their rights in our country.  Unfortunately, many victims refuse to come forward for fear of retribution and lack of support.  You will have our support.  We will confront your abuser and hold them accountable for their actions and do what we can to make sure they never abuse anyone again.  Examples of the types of cases we handle include:

Institutional Abuse

Too often abusers get a free pass from an employer or organization to gain access to their victims.   Institutional abuse occurs when an employer, organization or facility fails to protect its clients, members, children, or the elderly from an abuser.  Or when any similar group creates an environment that allows an abuser to go unnoticed, undisciplined or without prosecution.  Call us today if you are seeking advice related to any kind of institutional abuse.


If there has been physical abuse, the threat of physical abuse or harassment causing severe emotional distress in your romantic relationship, North Carolina law gives you a remedy.  Break the cycle of violence today by calling us to end the domestic violence in your life.  We can go right to a judge to ask for a retraining order to protect you and your children.


When the abuse, threat of abuse, harassment or stalking comes from someone who you are NOT in a relationship with, North Carolina law will allow a restraining order.  If you believe you qualify, call us today for advice and support.


Child abuse takes many forms but it is always wrong and illegal.  Unfortunately, it happens all too often.  And we see abusers getting away with abuse at times when it is not handled properly.  As child advocates, we will protect you and your family.  In some cases, we can keep your child’s identity protected as well.   Let us guide you through the legal maze and craft a plan to prevent further abuse and hold the abusers accountable.